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John Azzi and Eliot Artz initially started as iOS mobile consultants. After realizing the demand in online education, they began teaching part-time and structured their content into a scalable online format which has quickly grown to tens of thousands of students and $2M in revenue in 2014. For more on their story, check out their new online course Million Dollar Instructor.

"Fedora made it dead simple for us to focus on delivering great content and engage with an audience that has grown to generate over $100,000 a month in revenue"

Eliot Arntz

The User Growth Bootcamp started as a series of online courses built using Fedora. After growing to thousands of students, we launched the Bootcamp, which was a hybrid of in person and online training and even ended up with mention in the Wall Street Journal.

"Fedora helped me go from a consulting business, to building a list of students and ultimately launching a Bootcamp making over $50,000 a month"

Conrad Wadowski
User Growth Bootcamp

After launching the 'Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers' in its book form to an interested audience, the content was structured into an interactive format by adding in video and overlays as well as an interactive discussion elements. Purchasers of the Traction course version were also offered the option of receiving a Traction book physical or Kindle copy.

"Fedora helped us sell books, build our email list and add value to our audience after they purchased."

Justin Mares
Traction Book

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Here's what some of our course creators have to say:

  • Michelle Richmond
    Bay Area Book Doctor

    "I love the simplicity of the user interface and the ability to motivate students through videos, written lectures, quizzes, and supplemental materials."


  • Tasha Monique
    Monique Cosmetique

    "I love Fedora! I love the ease of use, I love the fact that I have total creative freedom when it comes to this platform. This is MY school and I have total control. "


  • John Purcell
    Cave of Programming

    "Fedora entirely puts control of your online school into your own hands, taking care of payments and video streaming while allowing you to deal directly with your students and build your email list."